CSA Week #19 – October 15th & 17th


Wow – hard to believe that there are only a few weeks left for the CSA!  Where has the time gone?  We continue to stay busy here on the farm!  This week our potato harvester was brought out and was greased and a few minor repairs were made and it was ready to go!


Here is what the machine looks like – we searched for quite a while before we found exactly what we wanted – and would make our job easier!


Paul drives the tractor and sets it on the row of potatoes that need to be dug.  The machine then digs the potatoes and sends them up the conveyor to where I am standing and usually one other person.


We pick off any stones or clumps of dirt or potatoes that look green or have been sliced – the good potatoes travel on down into the bin.  The red strands of plastic help to let the potatoes fall into the bin gently without getting bruised – there is a big “pillow” inside the bin so the potatoes will hit that and then roll into the bin.  It takes us about 5 minutes to fill a bin and a bin will hold about 20 bushel of potatoes.  The help really enjoys when the harvester comes out of the barn – it is much easier to stand and sort potatoes then to bend over and fill hampers – and it is much faster!  As we get older we are always trying to find ways to better improve our harvest methods!  If we can save from bending over and having an aching back the next day then we are all for it!  It’s not easy getting older!!

This week full shares will receive 10 tickets and half shares will receive 5.

You can chose from the following……….


Potatoes  – also available are 10 lb. bags and 50 lb. bags for purchase

Onions – cooking, sweet spanish and red


Eggplant – last week

Peppers – bell peppers, sweet banana’s, cubanelles, yummy’s (these are small orange peppers that are extremely sweet and have very little seeds) poblano’s, jalapeno’s, green hots and yellow hots.


Pie Pumpkins


Cauliflower – white, orange and purple this week

Acorn Squash

CSA orange buttercup

Orange Buttercup – tastes just like a regular buttercup but sweeter – it has a drier consistency – much like mashed potatoes and this squash makes the best pumpkin pies!

Green Beans

I look forward to seeing you all on either Tuesday or Thursday between the hours of 2 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Until then……………..




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