CSA Week #20 – October 22nd & 24th


Well, it looks as if our Indian Summer may be on its way out.  They are calling for much cooler weather by the week end – they have even started to suggest that four letter word that starts with S to maybe start showing up!  I am absolutely not ready for that yet!  We are surprised that we still have some decent peppers left.  We have not gotten a killing frost yet, but it looks like maybe Jack is on his way this week too!

We are still in the process of harvesting winter squash – however, we can see the bright light at the end of the squash field – we are almost done picking up all the winter squash and putting it in the barn – potatoes, on the other hand, are a different story.  I would LOVE to see the bright light at the end of the potato field, but that won’t be for a little bit yet.  The harvest is yielding like crazy – which is a great thing – but we are slowly starting to run out of space to store them!  We are truly blessed to have such an abundant crop of potatoes when the season didn’t start out looking that great – at one point early after we planted we had potatoes under water – we have had to skip those spots but still are digging lots and lots of potatoes.  It is taking us about 5 minutes to fill a 20 bushel bin full of potatoes!  If the weather cooperates and we can miss a few rain showers than we can keep digging.  Right now they are in the best place possible – (although ideally the in the barn would be great) but right now they are in their own natural root cellar – so weather pending we will keep on harvesting potatoes this week!

We will again have a giveaway this week – I will be doing another harvest basket – everyone seems to like those so I will be doing it this week and again next week (you read that right – two weeks in a row) that way the last week I won’t have the drawing so you whomever would win wouldn’t have to come back to the farm to get it.

This week full shares will receive 10 items and half shares will receive 5 items…………

New this week…………..

CSA Savoy cabbage

Savoy cabbage – this is a lighter/sweeter tasting cabbage and is great for coleslaw – or cabbage rolls because the leaves are softer and more pliable for rolling.

Red Cabbage – this is often used in salads and coleslaw and is used alot in German dishes.

Green Cabbage – we are now harvesting our winter cabbage – which means that it will store for long periods of time – keep it somewhere cool and just peel the outer layer and it will look as good as the day it was picked.


Brussels Sprouts – this is how they grow – we peel the outer leaves off and use huge clippers to cut the bottom of the stem and you just have to pluck off the sprouts – they look like little mini cabbage heads – very sweet and are very good for you!


Potatoes – also 10 lb. bags and 50 lb. bags will be available for you to purchase.

Onions – sweet spanish, red and cooking


Pie Pumpkins

Acorn Squash

Dumpling Squash – tastes like Acorn but sweeter

Butternut Squash



Peppers – Bells, sweets and hots

I look forward to seeing you either on Tuesday or Thursday between the hours of 2 – 7!  Have a great week!


Until then………………..


For those of you that have asked about Lexi she is fine – she has been staying in the house because as she is getting older she tends to be a little cranky around a lot of people – and with a lot of small kids that come every week I would feel awful if she nipped at anyone!

Lexi in basket

And here is a throwback photo of Lacee when we first got her – she was such a cute little thing – now she is almost as big as a horse – but lots of fun and all the kids just love her almost as much as she loves seeing them every week!!

Little Lacee

I can’t imagine her trying to fit in there now!!

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