It’s almost time for the CSA to start!

I can’t believe that next week is the start of our CSA already – where has the time gone? We have been so busy – with the spring being late – we really have had to play catch up when the weather got nice!
We are right on schedule now and if the weather cooperates it will be another great growing season for us!
First things first – Paul got the ground ready and then we laid the plastic.   When we lay the plastic the black tape is laid at the same time under the plastic.  After the plants are put in we will water the plants thru the black tape – it is much like a soaker hose – this way along with putting the water thru the tape we can also feed the plants with fertilizer.
  CSA picture 4
This is the planter that we plant all of our transplants from.  Just look at those awesome reclining seats – Paul is filling up the tank with water and we will head to the field – these are all pepper plants getting excited to be planted!
 CSA planting picture
Here you can see the water going into the wheel – the triangle like prongs then poke a hole into the plastic filling the hole with water and then the lucky individuals that are sitting on the planter will push in the pepper plant.  You have to make sure that the plant – root and all – get pushed in as far as you can – otherwise the roots will be exposed and the plant will die.  You didn’t know there was an art to planting peppers did you?
 CSA planting picture 2
And that is what the row looks like when you get done!  We have quite a few rows that go from the driveway all the way to the trailer park!  The rows are about 1250 feet long and hold just about 2500 plants – It takes about 20 – 25 minutes to plant a row – so in all we have planted just about 30,000 peppers plants.
CSA planting picture 3
Yesterday we planted winter squash – mostly butternut and spaghetti squash.  We use the same planter but there is only one wheel so only one person sits on the planter – that would be me – I have been riding that planter for almost 30 years – it is one of my favorite jobs – it’s quiet and peaceful – so yesterday we planted 2 acres of winter squash!
Sometimes my buddy Lexi will ride along with me to keep me company – but if it is too hot then she would much rather ride on the tractor!
 CSA Picture May 26
So that is some of the fun and exciting things that have been going on here at the farm.  It was great to wake up and hear it raining this morning – all those plants were loving a nice drink.
Today I am cleaning up the CSA building getting it all ready for our favorite customers and Paul is in the greenhouse planting cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower – we will plant all of that stuff mid July so it will be ready for this fall.  We grow the regular green cabbage along with the red cabbage and savoy – and we grow three different kinds of cauliflower – the white, and also orange and purple!
Be watching your email the beginning of next week (either Sunday or Monday) I will be sending out an email letting you know what will be available for the CSA that week along with some important information – times, place, and some helpful tips to make your weekly CSA visit a fun and safe one!
So looking forward to meeting all of you next week –
Until then………………….
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