Heading into Week #9

Good news first – we passed our Food Safety Audit with flying colors! The auditor couldn’t find anything – that was a great way to end our week!!
This week is a clean up kind of week – Paul is cleaning up the fields by cultivating – it’s one of his favorite jobs!  He rides the tractors and cleans up the weeds on the edges – it always looks nice when he is done!!
We have been trying to clean up the tomatoes – they did get  hit pretty hard with the hail!  They have marks on them and the ones that did get hit are rotting – so we are hoping to salvage those!!
Hail marks on tomatoes
Hail marks on Bell Peppers.
We are actually doing something this week that we have never done before but are giving it a try (it’s on my bucket list!!)  We are going to enter a bunch of our produce in the Erie County Fair!!!  Paul says not to get my hope up too high – but I am hoping to win at least one blue ribbon – we are going to the Fair next Sunday so I will let you know how we did!!!!
This week Full Shares will receive 8 tickets and half shares will receive 4 tickets.
Available this week is………………….
***New this week*** Cubanelle Peppers (sweet)
Yellow Hot Peppers
Sweet Banana Peppers
Beans – Green and Yellow 
(Still have some for freezing or canning just let me know and I can have them ready for you!)
Green Cabbage
Red Cabbage
Savoy Cabbage
Sweet Corn
Red Potatoes
Yellow Zucchini
Herbs – there will be a cart outside – 1 ticket for 1 herb
I look forward to seeing you either Tuesday or Thursday from 2-6 p.m. – if you can’t make it on your regular day you are more than welcome to come on the other day!!
Have a great week!


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