CSA – Week #10

Well we did it – we were hoping to not find out until we actually went to the Erie County Fair on Sunday – but a few people let the “cat” out of the bag –
First place carrots – we didn’t think we would win on these cause they were really hard to find and they were tiny!!
And some blue ribbon Bell Peppers!!!  I was so excited – we ended up taking about 30 different kinds of produce and so far we heard that we also won Blue Ribbons on Eggplant (again very tiny!!) Green beans, yellow beans, green tomatoes, and jalapeno’s!!  We can’t wait to see if we won on anything else!  Funny how you can get so excited over the little things!!  It was a great end to our week!!
On a sad note – we ventured out into the tomatoes to really get a good look at them – the hail was worse than we thought – so bad, in fact, that I am not sure I will have them for the CSA – we don’t even think that we will be having our U Pick tomatoes – in our 32 years of farming we have never not had U Pick tomatoes!!  Last year was the corn and onions and this year is the tomatoes!! On a good note – the winter squash and pumpkin crops look amazing – the fields are packed full – so maybe that is God’s way of telling us that just because the tomatoes are not good there are plenty of other crops that will keep us busy!!!
This week full shares will receive 8 items and half shares will receive 4 items.
***New this week*** Green Bell Peppers
***New this week*** Jalapeno’s
***New this week***Romano Beans – these are a flat bean and very delicious!!!
Cubanelle Peppers
Yellow Hot Peppers
Sweet Banana Peppers
Beans – still plenty of beans for canning or freezing
Red Cabbage
Savoy Cabbage
Green Cabbage
Sweet Corn
Red Potatoes
Garlic – if you want bigger quantities it is $5 a pound
Yellow Zucchini
Green Zucchini
Don’t forget to come on either Tuesday or Thursday between 2 – 6 p.m.
Hope you all have a great week!!!


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