CSA – Week #11


Another uneventful week for us – pretty much the same thing – get up, pick veggies, sell veggies, weed, mow the lawn, eat, and sleep – probably not much different from your usual schedule!


We always have a game plan when we start out in the morning – but then someone doesn’t show up for work or Tops calls with a last minute order and your whole day can change – that is the fun and excitement of our job!!


We had a pretty good storm on Tuesday –  right during CSA – a little bit of hail but not too much!  One of our customers was stuck in her car during the downpour – while waiting she thought of a cute little poem to write about us…..


Afternoon Storm

Driving west, toward Fentons’ farm,

I saw lightning split the dark clouds

as if to rip away the bottom of a barrel

and let the rain pour out in torrent.

By the time I reached the farm

the rain was dense;

I could not see the fields beyond.

It pounded my car,

sounded like hail

as I sat and waited

for the storm to pass.

The farm couple said

last week’s hail

destroyed their tomato crop.

Last year the drought

starved out the onions,

and the starved birds

ate the corn.

This year has been wet

to a fault.

The pumpkins and squash,

however,  are thriving.

Perhaps, says Mrs. Fenton,

God is saying

that just because the tomatoes

are not good,

there are other crops.

The faith of farmers

is a wondrous thing, I think

as I sit and wait for calm.

The rain sheets down my windows,

washes down the driveway,

pools beside the barn.

At last it eases;

I open my door,

run for the barn

where the Fentons stand

in wet shirts,


I just thought I would share that with you – thanks Sharon!!  We have an elderly couple that visit us every week at the Farmer’s Market in East Aurora – at the end of every season he writes us a poem – I have saved all of them cause Bud is getting up there in age and it will be a sad day when I don’t get to see them every week or enjoy his cute poems – one of these weeks I will share a couple with you!!!  It’s the little things in life that we just need to stop and enjoy and not just move in such a hurry all the time that all we do is work – there is so much around us that sometimes we just get too busy to notice!!

This week full shares will receive 8 tickets and half shares will receive 4.

Available this week will be………….

***New this week*** Lemon Cucumbers – yes they are called Lemon Cukes but they don’t taste like lemons – just yellow in color – they are low in acid and do not repeat on you much like a regular cuke.

***New this week*** Assorted Cherry, Grape and Heirloom Tomatoes

***New this week*** Purple and Yellow Bell Peppers (taste sweeter than a green but not as sweet as an all red) Peter Piper picks the Purple Peppers…..

***New this Week***Poblano Peppers (mild heat)

Green Bell Peppers

Sweet Banana Peppers

Cubanelle Peppers

Yellow Hot Peppers


Red Cabbage

Savoy Cabbage

Green Cabbage

Sweet Corn

Red Potatoes


Green Zucchini


I hope you all have a great week and I will see you either on Tuesday or Thursday between 2-6 p.m.



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