CSA – Lucky Week #13

It sure does feel like Fall with the temperatures we have had the past few days!  With that being said we are slowly switching into our Fall crops and Fall harvest – we have already delivered a few loads to Wegmans of pumpkins and winter squash already – it doesn’t seem possible that summer is behind us and changing temperatures and leaves are just ahead!!
It’s kind of sad when the pumpkins were ready before the cantaloupes were!  But – you are all in for a treat this week because our snack melons are ready – Paul and I have sampled quite a few to make sure they were just right for all of you!!  And we can say that they are absolutely delicious!!
We have started topping the Brussels Sprouts – why you ask?  We snap the very top off of the Brussels Sprouts and then this enables the entire stalk to fill in evenly – it’s no fun getting really big sprouts at the top and itty bitty ones at the bottom!  Much like in the spring when we snap the scapes off the garlic!
This week full shares will be given 8 tickets and half shares will be given 8.
Available this week will be………………….
***New this week*** Snack Melons (not as big as a regular melon but much sweeter!!)
***New this week*** Sweet Cheese Peppers (a snack pepper with lots of sweetness)
***New this week*** Mini Bell Peppers (another snack pepper with lots of sweetness inside – great for school lunches)
Sweet Corn is back on the list again!
Red Potatoes
Cherry and Heirloom Tomatoes
Bell Peppers
Purple and Yellow Bell Peppers
Sweet Banana Peppers
Cubanelle Peppers
Green Cabbage
Red Cabbage
Savoy Cabbage
Yellow Hot Peppers
Green Hot Peppers
Poblano Peppers
Hope to see all of you on either Tuesday or Thursday this week between 2-6 p.m.
I always enjoy leaving you with a picture of one of the dogs but I have a couple this week – as you know Lacee loves to see all the kids and eat whatever they may drop – a couple of weeks ago it was Cherry Tomatoes with Addy and this week Little Grayson (almost a year old) got a big kick out of sharing a few green beans with Lacee!
How cute are they!!!
And while Paul was working out in the Brussels Sprouts this week Lacee just sat there waiting to get her picture taken……..
She is such a ham!!!
Hope you all have a great week!!!  Happy Labor Day and Happy back to school for all the teachers and students!!


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