CSA – Week #17


Can you believe how hot it was this week – that was crazy!!!!  Those that came on Tuesday I had the air conditioning running in the CSA building and on Thursday the doors were open and it was cold!!  Only in WNY can we almost experience all 4 seasons in one week!!!!
So, this was just a regular week – and I am going to share with you what we do besides get ready for CSA – we sell our Produce to Tops in Batavia and LeRoy – we also sell to Wegmans in Buffalo and we sell to the food hub in Eden Valley – plus go to the Farmer’s Market in East Aurora on Saturdays!  The list that follows is what we picked, washed, packed and delivered to just Tops, Wegmans and the Food Hub – it does NOT include what we picked for CSA for 2 days and market –
Here goes:
52 bushel of Spaghetti Squash, 33 bushel of Butternut, 20 bushel of Acorn Squash, 26 bushel of Pie Pumpkins, 73 bushel of Honey Nut Squash, 115 bushel of Delicata Squash, 2 bushel of Carnival Squash, 9 bins of pumpkins, 182 heads of Orange Cauliflower, 252 heads of purple cauliflower, 1 box of poblano peppers, 7 boxes of Jalapeno’s, 5 boxes of Cubanelle’s, 12 boxes of yellow hot peppers, 7 boxes of zucchini, 3 boxes of summer squash, 11 cases of sweet corn and14 bushel of bell peppers!!  And on average there were only 4 of us doing all the work – with Paul and I being 2 of them – so you can see quite a bit goes on here on the farm on a weekly basis – and this week we picked most of this in almost 90 degree weather!  I have no problem sleeping at night – in fact – I actually get excited to go to bed at night!!!  Who knows what this week will bring and what all we will be picking!!!
I do know that Lacee loves peppers – the picture below is what is usually left of a pepper that Lacee will eat – pretty smart dog to eat all of the pepper except the seeds!!

Lacee half eaten pepper

This week full shares will receive 10 items and half shares will receive 5 items – available this week will be…………….

***New this week*** Broccoli 




Bell Peppers

Colored Bell Peppers 

Mini Bell Peppers 

Sweet Cheese Peppers 

Yummy Ya Ya Peppers

Sweet Banana Peppers 

Cubanelle Peppers 

Poblano Peppers 

Jalapeno Peppers

Yellow Hot Peppers 

Really hot peppers 

Green Cabbage 

Savoy Cabbage 

Carnival Squash

Spaghetti Squash 

Butternut Squash

Sweet Corn 


Last day for CSA for Tuesday members will be October 31st – for Thursday members it will be November 2nd.

Little Miss Lexi was out and about on the rainy day this week so she had to have a bath……….

Lexi with Bath Towel

She is not a big fan of bathtime!!!!!!

I hope you have a great week!


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