Week #20

Can you believe it – we have this week and next week and then our CSA is done for the season!!  It has gone really fast – and this weather doesn’t even feel like Fall weather!  It is looking like this week we might start heading into the cooler temperatures and rainy weather!!
This was, by far, the busiest week we have had in a long time on the farm!  Monday they were calling for frost – we were planning on picking up most of the winter squash on Wednesday when we had a big crew in – not so much!  Monday was go time – it was just Paul, myself and 2 employees and one was for only a half day – we picked up over 500 bushel of squash!!
We had over 300 bushel of spaghetti squash picked up by lunch and then over 200 bushel of butternut squash after lunch!  My ham strings were singing that day!(who needs a membership to a gym!!)
Then a bunch of Wegmans were screaming for pumpkins – so most of my time Wednesday – Friday was on the road delivering pumpkins to the stores!!  We have always said, “SELL IT OR SMELL IT!!”  And I would much rather sell it!!
This was just the load for one day of delivering!!!
This week will still be busy with pumpkins – one last push – but we really need to focus our attention to getting the rest of the winter squash harvested and start digging potatoes!!!
This week full shares will receive 10 tickets and half shares will receive 5 tickets.
Available this week will be…………..
***New this week*** Romanesco
This tastes a lot like cauliflower with a bit of a nutty flavor!
***New this week*** Freshly dug potatoes
Brussels Sprouts

Bell Peppers

Assortment of Hot and Sweet Peppers

Green Cabbage

Savoy Cabbage

Carnival Squash

Spaghetti Squash

Butternut Squash



Acorn Squash

Pie Pumpkins (not pumpkin pies!  🙂


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