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CSA – Week #6



How funny is it that last year was a drought – we couldn’t catch a rain to save our souls and this year it almost feels like we live in Florida and get a rain every day!  You just can’t argue, reason or even figure out why Mother Nature works the way she does!  We still have a bit of fall planting to do – which means we planting our fall broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Romanesco – and with all these rains the fields have been too wet to plant – we are hoping today with the sun shining (yeah) that we will be able to get some planting in!
U Pick blueberries will start this week!!!!  The crop looks good – but we don’t think it will be a long season – so if you want to pick – don’t wait until the last minute!  The address for the U Pick blueberries is 998 Main Road – Corfu – we are a 1/4 mile from Rt. 5 & 77 and on the same road as Kutter’s Cheese.  The price for CSA members is $2.50 a pound – so make sure when you go to tell whoever is working that you are a CSA member or they will charge you full price.  If you want up to the minute hours and picking conditions you can call the Blueberry Hotline – it is  585-345-1591.
Last week I told you that we got some hail – here is one little example of it…….
Here is an Eggplant leaf – see all the holes in it – we had a new planting of cukes that had just come up – the hail shredded them all so we will have to replant them.
Here is a sign that I have in one of my gardens that I walk by everyday.  I had put it in there last fall – I figured I should take it out but everyday that I walk by this – sometimes several times a day – I take a minute to “give thanks” for all we do have – we still have crops to sell – we still have a job to go to everyday – we have awesome family that loves us unconditionally – we have our health and are able to work – so we can’t let one little storm with the hail get our spirits down – Paul said to me that because the hail hit the tomatoes and the crop won’t be as good as it has in the past that maybe that is God’s way of saying – hey look at the awesome corn that is growing (which we had practically nothing last year with the drought and bird damage) and hey how about the awesome crop of pumpkins that are growing – (which are actually right next to the tomatoes that got hit with the hail) that just because the tomatoes might not be that great of a crop we will be busy harvesting the other crops that are very abundant! So, yes, take time to give thanks for all that we do have – we are also very thankful for you guys – we love doing our CSA and seeing you each and every week!
This week full shares will receive 6 items and half shares will receive 3 items.  (There are 21 weeks total for the CSA – the first 7 weeks will be 6 items for full/3 for half – weeks 8-14 will be 8 items for full and 4 for half and the last 7 weeks will be 10 items for full and 5 for half)
Available this week will be…………….
***New this week*** Kale
***New this week*** Beets
***New this week*** Green Beans
Summer Squash
Herbs – same as last week – whatever you need
I hope you all have a great week – and I will see you on either Tuesday or Thursday between 2-6 p.m.


CSA – Week #5



Here we are heading into Week #5 already – and for those that were in the area (and it wasn’t very wide spread) we had an awful storm come thru here Saturday morning around 1:30 a.m. It started out with thunder – lots of it and very loud – then the driving rain – I was laying in bed thinking how my alarm was going to go off at 3:45 a.m. to get up and ready to go to the East Aurora Farmers market.  Paul was already up because when we get storms like that he will pace and keep looking out the window.  Then the hail started hitting the window – oh no – hail is a 4 letter word to Farmer – so now I am lying there thinking how bad this was and saying that prayer that it would stop soon!  It didn’t – now you start thinking about all the crops it could damage – the newly forming tomatoes on the plants, the sweet corn, the damage it will do in the zucchini and summer squash – you just keep waiting for it to stop – what is only seconds seems like forever!!  After you think about what crops are going to be damaged you start to think about the markets we go to, the grocery stores we supply, our CSA members – then you start thinking about what if it wrecks lots of crops – how will we pay our bills with no products – it’s crazy all the thoughts that fly thru your head!
It did eventually stop – I was actually thinking that maybe it wasn’t hail because you didn’t see the whiteness on the ground – that maybe it was just big raindrops – but Paul had to go out with his flashlight and try to see what damage might have been done.
The first thing he saw was the huge Boxelder tree that was uprooted and knocked over – missing our garage and my brother’s truck that was parked near by……….
Of course by this time, there was no going back to bed – so yesterday was a long day!  We were able to see much more when we came home from market – the funny thing is that the East side of the farm didn’t get hit as bad as the West side of the farm.  We noticed only small dimples in the zucchini, but shredded leaves in the tomatoes.  Some of the sweet corn was knocked over to a 45 degree angle – and the cucumbers and pickles got beat up as well – but overall – we should salvage quite a bit – the tomatoes and cukes might be later to harvest but not to have everything destroyed in a matter of minutes was a blessing to us!  It every farmers worst nightmare – you hate to hear of any farm getting hit with hail, we were very fortunate that this didn’t happen in the middle of August when the tomatoes were ready to harvest and all the pumpkins and winter squash were full size and still growing!  We always joke that we don’t have to go to Vegas to gamble – we just walk out our back door!  We were very fortunate this time and we are really hoping there is no next time this year!!
So, never a dull moment here on the farm that is for sure!!  This week full shares will receive 6 tickets and half shares will receive 3 tickets.
Available this week will be……………………
***new this week*** Cabbage
Swiss Chard
Fresh pulled garlic
Yellow Zucchini
Summer Squash
Garlic Scapes
Herbs – I have a little bit of everything and I will have an assortment out this week.
I still have a few hanging baskets and flowers that will also be at the same price as last week too – $10 for any hanging basket and all 4″ pots of flowers will be $1!!  Make some more room in your gardens to throw in some more plants!!
Of course on these hot days there is only one way to cool off……
Lacee (a.k.a. Yacee as little Addy likes to call her) loves a good swim in the pond – she probably goes in at least 3 or 4 times (if not more) a day!!
Hope everyone has a great week – and I will see you on either Tuesday or Thursday from 2-6!


CSA – Week #3



It’s hard to believe that it took forever for the CSA to start and now we are heading into July by the end of the week!  Which reminds me –
I will remind all of the Tuesday people when they come this week that you need to come on Thursday next week!
Also, I am going to put the hours at the top of my email because some people cheat and only look at what is going to be available and don’t read my emails all the way to the end – sad story I know!!
This week was probably not a favorite for many of our employee’s.  We have 99% of everything planted, but now we have to go back to previous crops and clean them up – which basically means weeding, weeding and more good weeding!  Wednesday we spent 4 hours straight, bent over, pulling weeds in the tomatoes – it’s done and they look great!  We introduced everyone to Mr. Ham Strings – they didn’t care for him at all!!  It seems like a lot of work, but if you can look ahead a few months when you are picking tomatoes and the weeds aren’t tickling your nose, you will appreciate it – they all think that the word WEED is a four letter word!
We got some rain, which was awesome!  We just pulled out the irrigation reel to give the lettuces a drink and it started to rain – you can irrigate 24 hours a day and one good shot of rain for 20 minutes is way better than irrigated water – why – who knows – but rain water gives the plants way more vitamins than pumping water on them!!  This year has been great, inasmuch as we are getting rain when we need it  – not every 3 months for 2 minutes like last year!!
This week half shares will receive 3 items and full shares will receive 6 items – available this week is…………….
New this week – Kohlrabi (I will have some suggestions on how to use it at the end of this email!)
Lettuce (3 heads will equal 1 item this week again)
Garlic Scapes
Red Potatoes
Herbs – Peppermint, Lemon Verbena, Thai Basil and Lemon Basil
Also this week, if you signed up for the CSA Flower Share it will be starting on Thursday!!
Idea’s for using Kohlrabi…………..
They’re delicious and can be eaten raw in salad.
Kohlrabi needs little prep, but you should always peel off the tough outermost layer of the bulb with a vegetable peeler first.

Made into fritters.

This is a great way to get kids to eat their kohlrabi! Shred it and mix with an egg and a few tablespoons of flour or breadcrumbs. Heat oil or butter in a flat skillet, drop on small mounds, and flatten slightly with the back of your spatula. Turn after a few minutes, and serve when both sides are crispy.

There are a few ideas for you to try!

Have a great week and I will see you on either Tuesday or Thursday!



CSA – Week #2




I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day yesterday – it was hot – we got a little rain – but to me, any day spent with family is a good day!
This is my absolute favorite picture of Paul with his (ours) girls!  The girl on the right is Krysta – she is our oldest.  She is teaching special education in North Carolina. It’s amazing the way she treats all of her students – as if they were her kids – I love to hear all of her stories.  She made Paul one of his favorite gifts – homemade strawberry jam – she makes it every year for him.  The girl on the left is Kelsey.  She still lives here in town and works at Akron Bank in Clarence – she loves it – she also works part time at the movie theater in Batavia too.  We went out to breakfast with Kelsey and her boyfriend Josh and Kelsey got Paul a drone – he really is just a big kid at heart and loves to play with drones.  He actually is hoping to use it to keep the birds out of the corn this year!!  I called my Dad to chat with him – my parents (my dad is 87 and my mom 82) live in Missouri – so it was nice to catch up on what they are doing.+And my brother from Texas is back up again this summer to help – so we had a nice cook out it in the evening – so all in all – we are truly blessed with an awesome family!!
This week was hot – we got a little rain – so the combination of the two really helped to get things going this week.  Wednesday I finished planting all the winter squash – peppers and tomatoes are in – pumpkins are up – corn looks great – what a difference from last year – it’s so nice to plant then get rain then get some heat – great combination – plants respond so much better to rain than to irrigated water – funny how that is but it’s true!!
Last week CSA went pretty smoothly – sad to say but some of you did forget to some and see me – I hope that doesn’t happen this week!!
This week 1/2 shares will get 3 items and full shares will get 6 items.
Available this week……………
Lettuce – 3 heads for 1 ticket – this has been loving the rain!
Garlic Scapes
Red Potatoes
***New this week*** Bunched Spinach (this will be great mixed with your lettuce for an awesome salad!!)
Curly Parsley
Pineapple Sage
I hope you all have a great week – don’t forget to come on Tuesday or Thursday from 2-6 p.m. – if you are busy on your scheduled day you can come on the other day !
Take care,





Yes – can you believe it – what we have all been waiting for – the first week of the CSA!!  I hope you are as excited as we are to seeing all of you!!

So……… for the newbies – just exactly what will you expect?  First, where do we live – we live at 3323 Pratt Road, Batavia – which is just one road off of Main Rd. –  there is a big sign out by the road that says, “Fenton’s Produce” and there is a little house that is our road side stand – and a HUGE cell phone tower in our back yard – you can’t miss it!!
Pick up times are between 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.  Don’t come too early because we pick and wash everything that morning and if you come to early we won’t be ready!  Whether you come at 2:30 or 5:30 everything we be at its freshest!
When you pull into the driveway you will immediately be greeted by Lacee, our golden doodle……….
She is super friendly and will probably have something in her mouth when she greets you – she has just been hanging out on the farm – taking naps on the Kubota waiting anxiously for the opening of the CSA when it is a constant stream of people coming – as she thinks – just to see her!!  Lacee loves everybody from infants to senior citizens!!  She loves to be petted and really likes kids (of all ages!)  We ask that you do not bring your dogs to the farm – because of our food safety rules that we must abide by we can not have you bring your dogs to the farm – and you never know how other dogs will act around strangers or animals.
This is the CSA building – we ask that you do not park right in front of the building but in the driveway or on the grass – we have a circle driveway so when you pull in you will see the different areas for parking.
When you enter the CSA building – I will greet you and check you in –  We ask that you bring plastic bags – I have some on hand that people have dropped off – but we are trying not to have excessive costs by buying bags – and usually everyone saves theirs from Tops, Wal Mart – etc.  Not a problem if you forget cause I always have some around.
Every week I will send out an email like this one –  this way you will know at the beginning of the week exactly what we will have to offer you for that week! Also we like to update you what we have been doing on the farm that week as well!
This week a FULL SHARE will receive 6 items and a HALF SHARE will receive 3.  I run our CSA kind of like a Chinese Auction – I will give you tickets – so a full share will receive 6 and a half share will receive 3.  Each item will have a little basket in front of it telling you what you can get for a ticket – so for example – this week potatoes will be an item you can choose – the basket will say 1 ticket = 1 basket of potatoes – so if that is what you want put your ticket in the basket and take your potatoes.  Also on the basket it might say 1 item per membership – this means I have just enough for every CSA member to get one – if you take more than what is allowed someone else will miss out on it.  We certainly don’t want any sad faces on that first day!
Here is what will be available this week………..
Assorted Lettuces – 1 item will be 2 heads of lettuce
Radishes (new crop for us – we have never grown them before!)
Red Potatoes
Herbs this week will be Sage, Chives and Spearmint
Last year, as you know, we were experiencing a drought – this year it has started out extremely wet – but with us having very gravely, stony ground we have been able to keep up with all of our plantings!  We are just about done with all of our planting – we were going to plant winter squash today – but with the warm temperatures and extremely windy weather – it was not a good combo for planting.  You hate to stress the plants out the minute they are planted – so we are hoping to finish up on Wednesday!!
Paul was able to get all of our potates planted – the ground was a little wet and he was keeping his fingers crossed that he wouldn’t get stuck – so all the red, white and Yukon Gold potatoes are planted!!
Here is some of the lettuce growing – we like to mix up the colors when we plant – it always looks so pretty growing – almost looks like a flag!!
We are looking forward to seeing all of our members and all of the newbies that have signed up!  We are hoping for an exciting and bountiful harvests of all kinds of yummy veggies!
Also, for those interested, I always have “extra” things out for sale.  I will have 12″ combo baskets for $30 (2/$50), 10″ hanging baskets for $18 (2/$30), patio tomatoes for $15 (2/$25 – these make great gifts for Fathers day – we also have cherry, grape and yellow grape tomatoes in patio pots too)  Patio cukes ($15 or 2/$25), citranella plants for $10 and an assortment of coleus and individual flowers for sale as well.

Hope you all have a great week and we look forward to seeing you on either Tuesday or Thursday!



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