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Week #23 – Our last week – Nov. 12th and Nov. 14th


Yes I said it – this is our last week of the CSA (sniff sniff)!  Where has the last 23 weeks gone?  It seems like just yesterday when we were cutting lettuce, picking asparagus, picking blueberries – and now – it’s cold out – it gets darker earlier and this is the last week that we are going to see most of you until next June – say it isn’t so!!!!

Lacee on Kubota

As you can see we are not the only ones that are sad – Lacee is going to miss seeing all of you – all the kids and their hugs and kisses – all of you that brought treats for her and all of you that stopped to pet her and rub her nose!  She is going to be lost and very sad until she sees all of you again!

This week was an awesome week!  First of all the weather was absolutely beautiful on Tuesday and Wednesday which gave us exactly the right amount of time to finish up with the potato harvesting – they are all now in the barn!!  And we finished up with the garlic planting!


We take the bulbs of garlic and break them up into the cloves.  We then put the cloves into half bushel baskets and head to the field – we filled about 10 half bushels of garlic cloves to be planted!


We then push each clove about halfway into the ground and plant them about 5 inches apart – the stick helps to keep them evenly seperated ………………….


We put in four beds with three rows in each bed – or roughly over 10,000 garlic bulbs were planted!  We have used our own garlic for the past 8 years which keeps us safe from diseases that have been popping up in garlic over the past few years.  And each year it gets a little bit bigger.  We have had great success with our garlic and the flavor has been absolutely delicious!  We hope that you have enjoyed it all season and will continue to enjoy it thru the winter!  We do have extra for sale and we sell it by the pound if you are interested.

We will now puts layers and layers of leaves onto the garlic to keep it nice and warm throughout the winter months.

One note to mention – for those of you that come on Tuesday to pick up your share – Paul and I have a meeting to go to that we can not get out of – so we will be leaving around 5:30 – but Valerie will be here until 7 for those that come after 5:30.  We feel bad that we could not get out of it, but want you all to know that we have appreciated your business this past year and look forward to seeing you next year.

This week it will be 5 tickets for half shares and 10 tickets for full shares.

You will be able to pick from the following…….

Potatoes – red, white or yukon golds (also 10 or 50 lb. bags will be available for sale)



Onions – sweet – red or cooking – also 10 lb. bags will be available for sale



Peppers – hots, sweets and bells

Cabbage – red, savoy and green

Pie Pumpkins

Gourds *** New this week



Brussel Sprouts

Butternut Squash

Acorn Squash

Dumpling Squash (tastes like Acorn but sweeter)

Carnival Squash (tastes like Acorn but sweeter)

Delicata Squash (tastes like sweet potatoes)

Orange Buttercup Squash (very sweet – makes a great pumpkin pie)

Also for sale will be Blue Hubbard Squash

Paul and I would just like to say thanks so much for believing in us and our farm by becoming members of our CSA! We truly enjoy seeing each and everyone of you every week!  We are really going to miss our weekly visits and seeing all of your children – we love to see how excited they get seeing Lacee or the tractors and especially drawer #4 – the candy drawer!

I will be mailing out the registrations for CSA 2014 in early January.  This year we had 163 members – a big jump from when we first started in 2010 with 64 members.  Our prices for next year will be –1/2 share for $250 and a full share for $425.  I have a waiting list already for next year.  We will be increasing to 200 members next year – but believe that will be our limit.  We will run again on the same days Tuesdays and Thursdays with the same times 2 p.m. – 7 p.m.  If you know of anyone that is interested feel free to share their address with me and I will mail them out a packet.  We are going to try and keep it to 100 members on Tuesday and 100 members on Thursdays.  If you have any questions or suggestions for next season please just let us know!  We will be looking in to trying some new things next year and once we start planning our veggies for next year I will let you know what new stuff you can be looking forward to.  Again – thanks so much for taking part in our CSA – we have truly loved every minute of it!

So dear friends – until next time…………………….or next year………………

Paul and Gail Fenton

Lacee and Lexi too




CSA – Week #22 – November 5th and 7th



As you can see we started out pretty frosty this morning – I think Paul said it was only in the mid 20’s!  Last week Jack Frost stopped by and said a quick hello – but this morning I think he camped out for awhile!  This will make those brussel sprouts that much sweeter this week!!  The more frosts we have the sweeter they become!!

We are almost done with potatoes – we are hoping to finish up on Wednesday –  they are forecasting that it will be 65 on Wednesday – only in WNY can it be freezing cold one day and summer the next!


This is our potato storage – it is packed FULL!


And this is what we have left for winter squash!  We are starting to wind down on the specialty squashes but still have plenty of butternut and acorn!  If you want any bushels or half bushels just let me know.  Both with butternut and acorn are good keepers and will last for awhile in your basement (if it is cooler) or your garage (if it does not freeze) – a half bushel is $12 and a bushel is $20.  You can mix and match the squashes too – you don’t have to take all one kind.

So, we will finish digging the rest of the potatoes and Paul is going to get some “beds” made for the garlic.  This will be right as you pull into the driveway to your right.  We will get our garlic planted.


We take the heads of garlic and break them into the cloves and then plant the cloves.  We don’t bury them too deep into the soil and then we cover them with lots of leaves to keep them warm during the winter!  We will still have garlic the next two weeks for the CSA – if you want any for over the winter it is $6 a pound.

Next week will be our last CSA of the season – sniff sniff – we have truly enjoyed seeing each and everyone of you every week – we are really going to miss you!  We are already starting to discuss next years season and what we would like to do – if you have any suggestions – things you would like added – or any comments at all – just send us an email and we will consider them!

The winner of the last harvest basket is Bev McCabe!

This week half shares will receive 5 tickets and full shares will receive 10 tickets.

You will be able to choose from the following……….


Onions – Red, Sweet and Cooking (you can also purchase 10 lb. bags of onions)


Peppers – sweet, hots and bells

Cabbage – Red, Green and Savoy

Pie Pumpkins



Brussel Sprouts

Potatoes – Red, White and Yukon -(you can also purchase 10 lb. and 50 lb. bags)

Butternut – these will be smaller and you can take a couple with a ticket



Orange Buttercup



***New this week***  Carrots

So we will see you either on Tuesday or Thursday this week between the hours of 2 – 7 p.m.


Until Then –





CSA Week #21

Well, I do believe our Indian Summer is gone and maybe fall too – this week end and actually most of the week was pretty cold and damp and rainy!  I don’t typically have the doors closed for CSA days, but this week would have just been too cold and windy to have the doors open!
We still are trying to get our potatoes harvested!  It is do or die mode now!  This week is looking like we might be able to get them all done – but I don’t put too much confidence in the weather forecasts on being 100% accurate!  So, if you come to the CSA on either Tuesday or Thursday and you don’t see me but Valerie instead you will know that we were able to get potatoes harvested!!
Also – the winner winner vegetable dinner this week is Karin Leffel. I will have one last giveaway this week so that the winner can pick it up the last week of the CSA.  (Did I just say last week – say it isn’t so!!!!)  So, it will be another harvest basket giveaway this week!!  Don’t forget to sign up!!
It will be 10 tickets for a full share and 5 tickets for a half share this week.
Available for you this week will be……………..
Potatoes – Red, White and Yukon Golds
Onions – sweet spanish, cooking and reds
Bell Peppers and some specialty hot and sweet peppers
Cabbage – Red, Savoy and Green (these varieties are all good winter keepers)
Pie Pumpkins
Brussel Sprouts
Spaghetti (it’s not real pretty and not real big)
Here are some different ways to do Brussel Sprouts (thanks Hiedi)
– preheat oven to 350 degrees. spray an 8″ by 8″ glass or non stick pan. place 1 lb of Brussels sprouts on bottom, then cover the sprouts with 1 lb of sliced kielbasa, which allows the sausage juices to drip over the spouts. Cover with foil & bake for 40 minutes.
– olive oil, season salt, garlic, sauteed.
–  blanch them for a few minutes, cut in half and then saute with olive oil, fresh garlic, salt and pepper and balsamic vinegar. Yummy.
– Roasted Brussels as above then tossed with pomegranate.
Maybe that will give you a few different ways to do them!  Enjoy!!
I will see you all on either Tuesday or Thursday from 2 – 7 !!
Happy Halloween!!
Until then………………

CSA Week #20 – October 22nd & 24th


Well, it looks as if our Indian Summer may be on its way out.  They are calling for much cooler weather by the week end – they have even started to suggest that four letter word that starts with S to maybe start showing up!  I am absolutely not ready for that yet!  We are surprised that we still have some decent peppers left.  We have not gotten a killing frost yet, but it looks like maybe Jack is on his way this week too!

We are still in the process of harvesting winter squash – however, we can see the bright light at the end of the squash field – we are almost done picking up all the winter squash and putting it in the barn – potatoes, on the other hand, are a different story.  I would LOVE to see the bright light at the end of the potato field, but that won’t be for a little bit yet.  The harvest is yielding like crazy – which is a great thing – but we are slowly starting to run out of space to store them!  We are truly blessed to have such an abundant crop of potatoes when the season didn’t start out looking that great – at one point early after we planted we had potatoes under water – we have had to skip those spots but still are digging lots and lots of potatoes.  It is taking us about 5 minutes to fill a 20 bushel bin full of potatoes!  If the weather cooperates and we can miss a few rain showers than we can keep digging.  Right now they are in the best place possible – (although ideally the in the barn would be great) but right now they are in their own natural root cellar – so weather pending we will keep on harvesting potatoes this week!

We will again have a giveaway this week – I will be doing another harvest basket – everyone seems to like those so I will be doing it this week and again next week (you read that right – two weeks in a row) that way the last week I won’t have the drawing so you whomever would win wouldn’t have to come back to the farm to get it.

This week full shares will receive 10 items and half shares will receive 5 items…………

New this week…………..

CSA Savoy cabbage

Savoy cabbage – this is a lighter/sweeter tasting cabbage and is great for coleslaw – or cabbage rolls because the leaves are softer and more pliable for rolling.

Red Cabbage – this is often used in salads and coleslaw and is used alot in German dishes.

Green Cabbage – we are now harvesting our winter cabbage – which means that it will store for long periods of time – keep it somewhere cool and just peel the outer layer and it will look as good as the day it was picked.


Brussels Sprouts – this is how they grow – we peel the outer leaves off and use huge clippers to cut the bottom of the stem and you just have to pluck off the sprouts – they look like little mini cabbage heads – very sweet and are very good for you!


Potatoes – also 10 lb. bags and 50 lb. bags will be available for you to purchase.

Onions – sweet spanish, red and cooking


Pie Pumpkins

Acorn Squash

Dumpling Squash – tastes like Acorn but sweeter

Butternut Squash



Peppers – Bells, sweets and hots

I look forward to seeing you either on Tuesday or Thursday between the hours of 2 – 7!  Have a great week!


Until then………………..


For those of you that have asked about Lexi she is fine – she has been staying in the house because as she is getting older she tends to be a little cranky around a lot of people – and with a lot of small kids that come every week I would feel awful if she nipped at anyone!

Lexi in basket

And here is a throwback photo of Lacee when we first got her – she was such a cute little thing – now she is almost as big as a horse – but lots of fun and all the kids just love her almost as much as she loves seeing them every week!!

Little Lacee

I can’t imagine her trying to fit in there now!!

CSA Week #19 – October 15th & 17th


Wow – hard to believe that there are only a few weeks left for the CSA!  Where has the time gone?  We continue to stay busy here on the farm!  This week our potato harvester was brought out and was greased and a few minor repairs were made and it was ready to go!


Here is what the machine looks like – we searched for quite a while before we found exactly what we wanted – and would make our job easier!


Paul drives the tractor and sets it on the row of potatoes that need to be dug.  The machine then digs the potatoes and sends them up the conveyor to where I am standing and usually one other person.


We pick off any stones or clumps of dirt or potatoes that look green or have been sliced – the good potatoes travel on down into the bin.  The red strands of plastic help to let the potatoes fall into the bin gently without getting bruised – there is a big “pillow” inside the bin so the potatoes will hit that and then roll into the bin.  It takes us about 5 minutes to fill a bin and a bin will hold about 20 bushel of potatoes.  The help really enjoys when the harvester comes out of the barn – it is much easier to stand and sort potatoes then to bend over and fill hampers – and it is much faster!  As we get older we are always trying to find ways to better improve our harvest methods!  If we can save from bending over and having an aching back the next day then we are all for it!  It’s not easy getting older!!

This week full shares will receive 10 tickets and half shares will receive 5.

You can chose from the following……….


Potatoes  – also available are 10 lb. bags and 50 lb. bags for purchase

Onions – cooking, sweet spanish and red


Eggplant – last week

Peppers – bell peppers, sweet banana’s, cubanelles, yummy’s (these are small orange peppers that are extremely sweet and have very little seeds) poblano’s, jalapeno’s, green hots and yellow hots.


Pie Pumpkins


Cauliflower – white, orange and purple this week

Acorn Squash

CSA orange buttercup

Orange Buttercup – tastes just like a regular buttercup but sweeter – it has a drier consistency – much like mashed potatoes and this squash makes the best pumpkin pies!

Green Beans

I look forward to seeing you all on either Tuesday or Thursday between the hours of 2 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Until then……………..




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