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Week #20

Can you believe it – we have this week and next week and then our CSA is done for the season!!  It has gone really fast – and this weather doesn’t even feel like Fall weather!  It is looking like this week we might start heading into the cooler temperatures and rainy weather!!
This was, by far, the busiest week we have had in a long time on the farm!  Monday they were calling for frost – we were planning on picking up most of the winter squash on Wednesday when we had a big crew in – not so much!  Monday was go time – it was just Paul, myself and 2 employees and one was for only a half day – we picked up over 500 bushel of squash!!
We had over 300 bushel of spaghetti squash picked up by lunch and then over 200 bushel of butternut squash after lunch!  My ham strings were singing that day!(who needs a membership to a gym!!)
Then a bunch of Wegmans were screaming for pumpkins – so most of my time Wednesday – Friday was on the road delivering pumpkins to the stores!!  We have always said, “SELL IT OR SMELL IT!!”  And I would much rather sell it!!
This was just the load for one day of delivering!!!
This week will still be busy with pumpkins – one last push – but we really need to focus our attention to getting the rest of the winter squash harvested and start digging potatoes!!!
This week full shares will receive 10 tickets and half shares will receive 5 tickets.
Available this week will be…………..
***New this week*** Romanesco
This tastes a lot like cauliflower with a bit of a nutty flavor!
***New this week*** Freshly dug potatoes
Brussels Sprouts

Bell Peppers

Assortment of Hot and Sweet Peppers

Green Cabbage

Savoy Cabbage

Carnival Squash

Spaghetti Squash

Butternut Squash



Acorn Squash

Pie Pumpkins (not pumpkin pies!  🙂


CSA Week #16

Wow has it been hot out or what!!!!!!!!!  I am glad we will be back to regular temperatures by the end of this week – it has not been fun picking squash and pumpkins in this weather!!!  We have even started irrigating again!!!
Thanks for all the bags – I should be good until the end of the season now!!
This week full shares will get 10 tickets and half shares will get 5 items – available this week will be……….
***new this week*** Spaghetti Squash
Carnival Squash
Large Butternut
Bell peppers
Colored Peppers
Sweet Banana’s
Yummy Ya-Ya’s
Mini Bell Peppers
Sweet Cheese Peppers
Yellow Hots
Green Cabbage
Red Cabbage
Savoy Cabbage
Sweet Corn
I will see you either on Tuesday or Thursday between 2-6 p.m.  Have a great week!!


Week #4



HAPPY 4th OF JULY to everyone! Remember CSA pick up is between 2-6 p.m.
We are still getting caught up with our weeding – it’s a never ending job!! Onions are almost all cleaned up, peppers and tomatoes are done – now Paul just has to cultivate each row – he takes the tractor down the row – along side the crop and the “teeth” of the cultivator dig up the weeds and the sun and the wind will dry the weeds out eventually killing them!!
We have had plenty of rain – some area’s have been a little wet to be able to drive the tractor and cultivate – but we will take a year like this any day as compared to no rain for 3 months last year!  And the temperatures have been much nicer than last year too!  I don’t mind it being hot when we are on vacation, but when you have to work in the hot heat all day everyday – it’s not as much fun!!
This week full shares will receive 6 items and half shares will receive 3 items.
This week you can choose from the following………..
***New this week***  Swiss Chard – this is called Bright Lights because of all the bright colors
***New this week*** Fresh Pulled Garlic (a little bit stronger than the dried garlic)
***New this week***  Zucchini
Garlic Scapes
Herbs this week……….
Have a great 4th of July – be safe and have fun!
See you Thursday!


It won’t be long before our CSA starts………


CSA - Greenhouse 2017

We have been getting the greenhouses cleaned and ready for planting – the first full week of March we will start to get hanging baskets planted, herbs planted and veggies planted!  It’s always fun to walk from the house (howling winds, snow blowing or raining) and then to walk into “paradise” into our greenhouses – smelling everything that is growing – we just love it!  The dogs, Lacee (the golden) and Lexi (the shitzu) are always ready to go out and hang with us!

We still have room in our CSA if you are interested in joining!  You can download an application right from our web page!  Any questions, just let us know!

Here’s hoping Spring is right around the corner!!

U Pick Blueberries


CSA - Blueberries 2016


U Pick Blueberries is OPENING UP TOMORROW – Wednesday, July 13th – we will be open from 8-5, Thursday 8-7, Friday 8-5 and Saturday 8-5! It is not going to be a long season – the early blueberries and the later blueberries are all ripe at the same time!!!! So DON’T WAIT!!!! We are located at 998 Main Rd – right near Kutter’s Cheese not too far from the intersection of Rt 5 and Rt 77!!
You can bring your own containers or we will provide you with one!! We have put about 4 inches of water a week on the blueberries and with all this sun and heat they are unbelievably SWEET!! Don’t miss out!! See you at the blueberry fields!! You can always call the blueberry hotline for more details!! It is 585-345-1591!

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