Our seasons always seem to blend one into another.  We usually start out in the Spring in our greenhouses.  We have three greenhouses and we grow all of our own transplants that we will later take to the field and plant.  We have another local greenhouse grow all of our onion transplants, but other than onions, we grow everything right here on our farm.  We also grow plants for other farmers in the area.  We grow hanging baskets and lots of different kinds of herbs as well.  In the Spring we start picking asparagus in early May and then that is followed by rhubarb and lettuces.  In June our CSA starts up.

Spring turns into Summer and we have planted everything in the fields and are now starting to harvest.  We will now be starting to pick peas, beans, sweet corn along with many other vegetables.  Typically summer is not our busiest season, but we always seem to stay very busy.  Our blueberries are usually ready right after the 4th of July and that season runs until the end of July through the beginning of August.  We do a lot of weeding and maintaining the crops so that when it’s harvest time we aren’t having to worry about weeds.

Now as we move into the Fall we really start to get busy – it may only seem like we are busier because most of our help has gone back to high school or college.  When September gets here we are in full swing – still picking the summer vegetables but now we have also added all the fall produce such as potatoes, winter squash and pumpkins.  We sell a lot of winter squash and pumpkins to Wegmans so we are on the road making deliveries on a regular basis.  Our CSA is still in operation running through until mid November.

Once we are past Thanksgiving our Winter typically is a little slower – or so we look forward to a slower pace.  We are still busy packing out potatoes.  We sell hundreds of 5 lb. bags of either red, white or Yukon gold potatoes to our local Tops Markets.  Also the winter in time for us to regroup and study our seed catalogs and decide on what varieties of produce we want to grow the following season.  This is also a time for us to make sure when the weather breaks in the Spring that our machinery is all greased and repairs are have been made to insure that it is working the way it should.

So, as you can see, we stay pretty busy on our farm no matter what the season may be!

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